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The explosion of the internet has brought us to a new threshold in media convergence. Our computers look more like televisions and our televisions act more like computers. All of this technology has created a universe of challenges for the website and video content owner.

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Check out BroadbandVideo's new network-quality 30 second TV commercial - or perhaps you've already seen it in your living room! As media converges it's important to plan your online video strategy.

The Challenge

The real challenge is to utilize a system designed for text and images to delivery dynamic, quality streaming video. That's where we come in. We've been working with Streaming Media for years and understand what will work and where it will work best.

It's true you can deliver video at 28.8, but no matter what player or technology you use, the experience will be marginal at best. We create multiple bandwidth files targeted to the specific audience. If we know most of the audience will be on dial-up, there are specific things we can do to make sure the viewers of your content have the best experience possible for their connection. If most of your viewers are going to be online at their office or on a similar high-speed connection, there are methodologies we deploy to maximize their experience as well.

No matter what the connection speed, the real challenge is to provide frameworks that allow the content provider control and accountability for their product. That's where the expertise provided by the team at can take your website from static text to dynamic video faster and easier than you ever imagined!

The Technologies

There are now a myriad of choices in video delivery on the web. The question is, which are best for your company? The team at has spent years analyzing technologies, frameworks and methodologies to be able to provide you with answers to your media delivery questions.

We've come to the conclusion that in order to allow you to reach the largest possible audience with the least amount of hassle - we had to hit the lowest common denominator with our technology. That's why we've standardized on the Windows Media platform, since it comes native on 90% of the computers produced today. That allows us to eliminate unnecessary downloads and inconvenience for our customers.

The Audience

Cable modems, DSL, Fixed Wireless and LANs all mean one thing - delivery of mountains of data and bandwidth where once there was but a trickle. Most of today's web users have found that dial-up connections simply won't serve their information infrastructure needs.

At home and at the office, broadband is the key to speedy information and streaming media entertainment. Just how big is this audience? Here's some insight:

Streaming Video Services

Thank you for visiting our site today to learn more about our video tape conversion and streaming video encoding services. Selecting the right streaming video producer saves money, time and yields better results.

We provide high quality streaming video conversions to companies of all sizes, online agencies, video producers, ISP's and web developers, both nationally and internationally. Outsourcing your streaming video encoding needs to a specialty firm like ourselves:

  • Saves money - your cost is 10% to 20% of doing video conversions in-house
  • Results in higher quality audio and video at all speeds from modem through broadband
  • Saves time by allowing you to have high quality streaming video ready to use on your website or corporate Intranet in days instead of weeks or months
  • Gives you access to top notch technical support specific to making streaming video work on any server

So whether your objective is to save money, save time, have higher quality streaming video on your site, or gain technical expertise, we hope you'll review our own video presentations to learn why we're chosen by more companies than anyone else.

We invite you to watch some of our movies at this time by following any of the links on our navigation bar to the left which are followed by this movie symbol:

  We would recommend that you begin by watching the video clips contained on this page

Windows Media Streaming Video Encoding Services For Websites & Corporate Intranets

Microsoft NetShow, or Windows Media as Microsoft now calls it, can allow you to stream video on demand across the Web or a corporate Intranet. For purposes of our discussion of Windows Media encoding services, our focus is on how we can enable you to add streaming video to your website easily and inexpensively using the Windows Media format. We are Windows Media producers and can handle any encoding job. We currently use the Windows Media - Microsoft NetShow streaming video format on several of our pages and invite you to watch any of these movies at this time by following any of the links on our navigation bar to the left which are followed by this movie symbol:

No Expensive Hardware or Server Software Is Required

Depending upon the volume of simultaneous video streams you'd like to broadcast, you may not even need a dedicated video server or even one of Microsoft's software server packages. In most situations, you'll be able to stream your video directly from your existing web server using your existing ISP. Please feel free to call us at 630-690-7611 if you'd like to discuss whether you can use the Microsoft NetShow - Windows Media format without any additional hardware or software.

The Windows Media - NetShow format is probably the most complex of the streaming video formats available in that it allows codec independence. Unless you're into audio and video in a very big way, these technical aspects which differentiate the Windows Media format from both Real Video and Vivo aren't of much interest. For a complete information about the Windows Media format and the server options which you can purchase, please visit their web site.

Making Microsoft Windows Media Streaming Video Inexpensive And Easy To Use

We can help you to gain the benefits of broadcast media on your website or corporate Intranet easily and affordably. If you are truly looking for the highest quality streaming video and most cost efficient way of achieving this, outsourcing is your single best choice. If you choose us as your producer, we'll make the process simple and inexpensive. Regardless of the size of your video conversion project, we can deliver a superior product at less cost and in less time than attempting to do it on your own,

When we handle your streaming video conversion, you will receive:

  • Choice of formats - We will encode in your choice of Windows Media, Real Video, QuickTime or Vivo format.
  • Choice of server preference - Your video will be encoded to stream either with or without video server software. This means you can use your existing web server.
  • Choice of delivery speeds - We can encode your presentation to be delivered at 28.8, 56k, ISDN, broadband speeds or over a LAN.
  • Technology improvement protection - We guarantee that the quality of your video will keep pace with improvements in streaming video technology. (See below for details)
  • Choice of movie size - You pick the how large you want your movie to look.
  • Complete HTML code - We totally eliminate your learning curve by providing you with the complete code to paste right into your pages.

Technology Improvements & Upgrade Price Protection

Real Video and Windows Media are constantly improving the quality of their streaming video encoding and player products. Real Networks, for example is now in their 8th version and Windows Media is in their 7th version in only 5 years. Over time, this has resulted in higher quality audio and video. At some point in the future, you may want your videos re-encoded using newer technology which delivers higher quality playback. To protect our customers from the high cost of having us re-encode their videos, and to insure that our customers can always have state of the art streaming video available on their sites, we guarantee to re-encode your original videos using the latest technology available at 50% of what you originally paid. This offer applies only to the original videos we encoded, using the same format and same speed selections and is good for five years from the date of your original order. CyberTech Media was the first company in the streaming media industry, and to the best of our knowledge, we're still the only company to offer this protection to our customers.